About “Ottawa Sivan Temple”

With the profound blessings of Almighty, Saivites of Ottawa established Vallavambika Sri Thaiyalnayaki Sametha Vaithiyanatha Swamy Koyil in 2007 in the sacred area called “Vaitheeswaram” in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. This Temple is popularly known as “Ottawa Sivan Temple”.

The deity of the temple, God Sri Vaithyanatha Swamy is in the form of “Sivalingam” in the main sanctum of the temple. Godess Sri Thaiyalnayaki is in a standing posture in another sanctum and so the other deities in separate sanctums blessing devotees.



After almost twenty five years of relentless efforts, patience, great sacrifices, determination, and financial support from a number of dedicated members of the Ottawa Tamil Hindu community, the dream of a Tamil Hindu temple of their own has finally became a reality by the grace of Almighty. The national capital region of Ottawa gained a new addition to its cultural and spiritual life and landscape on April 29, 2007. On that day the Ottawa Tamil Hindu Temple was inaugurated with the ceremony of Bhumi Puja (purification of the land) and laying of the first foundation stone for the new temple in front of a formidable gathering of well-wishers.Since then building had been renovated to be a Hindu temple for placement of statues of Hindu deities to be procured. A grand consecrating ceremony (Kumbabishekam) of the temple in the acquired place was held from July 11th to July 15th 2007 in the presence of many local community leaders, well-wishers, religious personnel and more than 500 devotees. Since then; the temple is serving as a place of worship and sanctity, where the Hindus are fulfilling their religious obligations of worship, gathering place for community seniors, learning place for children and community social activities for the people of Ottawa.

The Ottawa Sivan temple is a non-profit and a registered charitable organization administered by a board elected by devotee volunteers. The temple finances solely dependent on donations by devotees for the benefit of the community. After five years of operation, it has become necessary to expand the temple premises to accommodate the many needs of the community. Much has to be done and with the grace of almighty we hope to have subsequent expansion and upgrading to accommodate larger congregation of the expanding population of Ottawa community. We trust that this temple will quench the spiritual and cultural thirst of the Tamil Hindus for generations to come.

Important Dates

Feb 2007: Temple was registered as a Non-Profit corporation under the name: Vallavambika Sametha Sri Thayalnayaki Sametha Vaithiya natha Swami Kovil (VSSVSK). Reg.No. 1724105 on 7 Feb 2007.

Feb 2007: First Board of Directors meeting held.

Apr 2007: Five acres of land purchased with suitable Building.

Apr 2007: Sivan Temple was inaugurated with ceremony for purification of land and laying of the first foundation stone for the new temple.

Jul 2007: A grand consecrating ceremony of the Temple was held in the acquired place. (From 11th to 15th July) Vaitheeswaram Kovil evolved into a Sivan Temple of the people for the people.

April 2008: Information Session with devotees and members on Temple operations and future Developments.

Jun 2008: New set of ‘Vikraham(s)’ for Deities installed in the temple.

Jul 2008: First High Festival (Thiruvila) held from 4 to 14 July for 11 days.

Nov 2008: First Annual General Meeting was held.

Jan 2009: Ottawa Sivan Temple (VSSVSK) received tax-exempt status as a registered charity.