Special Pooja days refer to days which are significant in Saivite calendar year. At present, temple has about 135 Special Pooja days. These Special Poojas are generally registered with its sponsors. Devotees are welcome to sponsor any Special Pooja, but are kindly requested by the Temple Administration to give at least one month prior notice before the selected Special Pooja day to coordinate the times and events with sponsors already registered.

The Special Poojas conducted in the Temple are as follows:

Pirathosha Abisheka Pooja (once in two weeks)
Nadesar Abishekam (6 to 8 times per year according to Tamil Almanac (Panchangam))
Navaratri (9 days in October)
KetharaGowri Viratham (21 days October-November)
Kantharsashti (6 days in November)
Pillaiyar Perungkathai (20 days in November-December)
Thiruvembavai (10 days in December-January)
Thiruvilakku Pooja (Last Friday of every month)
Thaipongal, AbiramiPattar Vila, Thaipoosam, Maha Sivaratri, Maasi Makam, Panguni Uthiram, Tamil New Year, Sithra Powrnami, Vaikasi Visakam, Temple Kumbabisheka day, Aani Uthiram, Aadi Amaavaasai, Aadi Pooram, Varaluxmy Viratham, Vaitheeswaram Pongal, Vinayakar Sathurthy, Deepaavali, Thirukalyaanam and Thiukaarthikai Vilakeedu are all categorized as special pooja days.